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Bronze Statue Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Tereza (Limited)

Artikelnummer: 36780

Statue Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Tereza (Limited)

Gewicht: 0.687 kg
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Unique collectors’ statue that will please not only the fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance but also fans of fine craftsmanship. This handmade cast bronze statue is limited to 99 units worldwide. Tereza bravely faced many difficult events. Together with Henry they form our favorite in-game couple. Each one is numbered and accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

-bronze statue
-wooden chest with burnt in logo
-certificate of authenticity

Statues are made using the lost-wax casting method, which destroys the original mould of cast item. First, a wax model of the statue is made with a silicone mould which is then prepared manually for casting. The mould is after many hours of burning out poured over with cast bronze, then the cast is hammered in order to release a unique original statue. After this process the sculptor carefully works in the details and finishes the statue. Every figure is unique and has specific features other figures don’t have.

Material: bronze
Weight: approx. 687g
Height: approx. 14,1 cm

Statue was made by Honza Moštěk